Who We Are

When it comes to qualified janitorial and sanitation work to be done, here where Solearie comes. For over a decade, Solearie is developing and manufacturing professional janitorial equipment along with superior customer service.
Serving clients both in business as well as customers who need a trusted equipment at home , Solearie provides products to a wide range of industries. Equipped with the highest quality, efficient performance and excellent design Solearie products expertly address to the needs of happening sanitation and janitorial problems.
During the years of its existence, Solearie took its considerable place in the market at an international level, as a leading brand and high standards. Devoted performance and innovative ideas of its staff, and continuous improvements in janitorial air movers, meets companies standards of expanding the guidelines of high performance, quality and security. Due to professional approach of our engineers and tech support customer service, Solearie is certified and approved in almost every country of the world cutting its competitive edge in every aspects with its design, quality, speed, effectiveness, durability and even delivery.

What We offer

Super Fan

The latest home fan!
Innovative design to cool off any room.
It’s time to make an upgrade from the traditional pedestal fans to the latest in home fan technology! The Soleaire® Super Fan is here and no home should be without it! The Soleaire® Super Fan is ideal for home use to help create and circulate ambient air. Capable of pushing out 1/5 HP of air, the Super Fan may be used for many purposes as it can dry any wet surfaces and powerful enough to dry floors and carpets. It is compact and equipped with a convenient carrying handle, making it effortlessly portable and easy to store in small spaces. The fan can cool rooms fast and efficient with the daisy chainable feature that allows you to connect up to 3 units at a time. Use it to help reduce air conditioning electricity bills, by circulating cool air to lower thermostat temperatures!

If you have any janitorial issues at you house or business, the Max Storm powerful and transportable air mover from Solearie is the air mover which will come for help. Engined with high quality polyethylene shell it delivers a dependable performance and is not damaged even after working overnight.
With weight of 25 pounds, it is easy transportable and can reach into hard reachable areas such as under closets, attics and other. However, there is no need to underestimate its ability to perform high and outstanding power of 0.5 HP motor, which allows it to perform professional grade in air mover industry and be the best in its class despite its small sizes

Max Storm

Super Monsoon

The Super Monsoon Air Mover by Soleaire is one of the powerful and at the same time flexible air mover model. With its ability to perform at 3 different speed, it deliver excellent drying results for any janitorial issue, general cooling and air circulation. Due to its roto-molded housing, which protects its powerful motor, it is well equipped to work in harsh commercial and industrial environment.
One of the advantages of Super Monsoon is its unmatched air-moving ability which saves time and money, while delivering best results and efficient work. The heavy-duty, snail-style air mover creates 4050 CFM with 1 HP, which can make a industry-leading volume of air. With this unmatched power and speed of 3, Super Monsoon can prides itself on providing drying services in a very short time.

Our Key Features

  • High efficiency, low amperage, high horsepower
  • Lightweight, easy transportability
  • Innovation and awesome design
  • High-quality parts and components
  • Rotomolded, impact-resistant housing
  • One-year warranty on components and labor
  • Five-year warranty on housing

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Soleaire offers a huge selection of air movers. We help ensure you get the long-term performance, durability and value you expect from an investment in equipment


Any product that is new, unopened and unused, shipped to the Continent USA can be a subject for return to Soleaire within 30 days from the day of purchase with a valid recipe.


Our Customer Service team is available to assist you with productand service questions.
Please have your model number available. Customer Service Dept., 820 Lincoln Ave., West Chester, PA 19380