About Us


Soleaire is a leading brand offering a high quality equipment in a commercial industry for fighting janitorial and sanitation problems which may occur both in household and businesses. By keeping in mind all the standards and professional approach of manufacturing Soleaire has designed one of the most effective air movers, which made it a former brand in the industry. Due to its durability, high performance, speed and efficiency Soleaire products help janitorial teams to dry floors, remove moisture and overcome other drying challenges with ease.

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Soleaire offers a reliable distribution network through Continent USA. With its innovative and professional team of engineers, it always come up with better, modified and high quality air movers which offers to the market highest standards, quality and design in its field.


Our Offers

Soleaire offers a huge selection of air movers. We help ensure you get the long-term performance, durability and value you expect from an investment in equipment

Return Policy

Any product that is new, unopened and unused, shipped to the Continent USA can be a subject for return to Soleaire within 30 days from the day of purchase with a valid recipe.

Soleaire Support

Our Tech Support & Warranty Center is located in Azusa, California for your convenience.